Who is Juan Valdez?

Who is Juan Valdez?

Juan Valdez is an imaginary character who was made in 1959 to speak to the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia, established in 1926.
He is one of the most recognizable countenances in the promoting scene, with his mustache, sombrero, rain coat and his steadfast donkey, Lana.coffee nearby !

In the main advertisements, Juan Valdez used to meander around in the espresso fields, picking the ready espresso berries with his hands. He was a sentimental agent of thousands of Colombian "cafeteros", or "caficultores". Simultaneously, his picture drew a lot of analysis on its street to progress.coffee roaster !

The genuine cafetero in the beginning of Juan Valdez lived in critical neediness. Against government guerrillas and opiates dealers jeopardized his effectively uncertain life. Harmful DDT was showered on his espresso fields, frequently, incredibly, while he and different cafeteros were grinding away. The National Federation neglected to speak to these revulsions.coffee filter face mask ! 

In later advertisements, Juan Valdez moved from the espresso fields to the American housewife's kitchen, giving her a customized sack of newly handled espresso beans.coffee bean !

In TV ads, Juan Valdez was first played by entertainer Jose Duval. Since Duval was not, at this point felt to be agent, Carlos Sanchez of Medellin had his spot in 1969. During the 1980s, the Juan Valdez ads utilized Rolls Royce vehicles and extravagance living arrangements. During the 1990s, another trademark was concocted: Grab life by the beans.how can coffee be decaf ?  Dynamic pictures demonstrated Juan Valdez surfing or snowboarding. In the late nineties, in any case, Juan Valdez vanished from the open eye for quite a while. The Colombian government had radically decreased promoting.coffee cake recipe ! 

In 2000, Juan Valdez, in the individual of Carlos Sanchez, returned. Andres Pastrana, President of Columbia, granted him the silver cross award for national legitimacy.coffee vs tea !

In December of that year, the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia opened its first "Juan Valdez" Coffee shop in Bogota air terminal. Juan Valdez showed up in the film "Bruce Almighty" at an expense to the Federation of $1,5 million.coffee near me !

At the hour of composing (2004), the image of Columbian espresso is attempting to make a forward leap into North America. The first "Juan Valdez" café was opened in September 2004 in Washington, and the second, after one month, in New York.which coffee is the best ?

At last, Juan Valdez is focusing on Seattle, the core of American espresso making. Starbucks authorities expressed they don't feel undermined by the acclaimed mustache man. Gabriel Silva, director of the Columbian Federation, said in kind that the Federation would not go similarly as having 8,000 or 10,000 Juan Valdez outlets, as their opposition plans.how coffee is made ?

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